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• Material: All steel construction.
• Steel Rails: 38mm diameter.
• Seat: Adjustable seat pad - 3 ways - left, right, straight, free-style seat movement, and vinyl covered molded foam pads.
• Rotating parts: High quality rotating parts adapted.
• Counter: Digital workout counter (3-Position).
• Casters: Easy move casters.
• Finish: Two coat powder finish.
• Rollers: Ultra glide nylon rollers.
• Weight Capacity: 136Kg/300 Lb.
• Weight Plate Capacity: 10Kg/20 Lb.
• Transportation Wheels: available for easy movement.
• Saddle Seat Size: 37 (W) x (41) cm
• Track Length: 130cm.

• You will quickly find that here are plenty of choices these days when it comes to fitness equipment. Probably the primary focus of this market is the abdominal muscles. This is where products like the AB Coaster come into play. The AB Coaster is basically a workout machine that targets the user’s core muscles or abdominal region.
• Ab Coaster is a workout fitness machine that is utilized in the home. Men and Women can take full advantage of this product in order to potentially sculpt their mid section. By using the AB Coaster daily, users are supposed to attain more defined and toned up abdominal muscles. This piece of work out equipment is featured like shape, flex, PFP, vogue, fitness professional.

Ab Coaster Workouts:-
• The Ab Coaster places the user in a comfortable kneeling position while the upper body remains stabilized on arm rests. As you lift your knees, the biometrically designed curved track instantly engages the lower abdominal muscles first, then the middle and upper region, giving you a complete abdominal workout from the bottom up. Because the Ab Coaster is performed in an upright kneeling position, the entire core is engaged while exercising the abdominals through a full range of motion without straining the neck or lower back. The “coasting” motion fully isolates the abdominal region with virtually no hip flexor involvement. The multi angle kneepad adjusts for targeting the oblique, and the plate loading posts allow users to add resistance for an advanced workout.
• The ab coaster comes with a meal plan which helps you to plan your weekly diet for a healthy body.

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